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Accurate measurements: There are NO exchanges, returns, or refunds.  The outlet discourages purchasing cabinets from blueprints or unfinished measurements because  finished measurements will often vary from original plans.  Please double check all measurements before purchasing cabinets.

Color samples: Bringing color samples of countertop or flooring can help make a decision when the time has come.

An open mind: Due to the nature of the business flexibility is key to huge savings. Often customers will purchase 2 door styles that are very similar and blend them into the same kitchen.

Tape measure, Pencil, Paper: Measuring cabinets and taking notes is simple when you remember a tape measure, pencil and paper.

Rope & Tarps: The Outlet does NOT provide rope for tying down cabinets or tarps for protecting them from inclement weather. Please plan accordingly.

Warm Clothes: The warehouse averages about 50 degrees in winter. Please dress accordingly.

Pets are not allowed in the facility with the exception of trained guide dogs for disabilities.

For safety reasons, we do not allow children under age 11 in
the cabinet warehouse. Small children may enter the warehouse
if they are carried or are in a stroller. We do have a play room
for children, but parents are responsible for their children
while they are in the playroom.


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